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Pedro is a multidisciplinary artist and designer researching the boundaries between theatre, film, photography, performance, installation art and scenography with an interest for experiential art.

Through his artistic research he explores the way we perceive reality and studies perception as a tool to generate what he calls “encounters with the unknown”. Through these encounters he proposes new perspectives of reality, perspectives we often can’t access or we are not aware of. To do it, he creates spaces where physical and virtual realities merge together, understanding the virtual not only as a reference to the digital, but to a reality that exists in a different realm – like time, memory, or even ghosts. In this sense, he aims to create moments in which our perception of reality is disrupted; using performative tools, media and space to propose scenes where the magical, the quotidian, the visible and the invisible seem to merge together.


His works are often presented as site-specific performative interventions (from video-walks to multimedia installations) that seek to acknowledge, address and activate the spectator through their physical senses, feelings and emotions making them become participants rather than observers.

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