Drown by the possibility of mixing both art and science, I decided to study Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development at the UPV (Valencia, Spain) in 2013. During my studies I started to develop an interest towards a design focused on the experience. I also found a new fascination in installation art and performance.


Trying to combine these interests and looking forward to learn about creating immersive spatial experiences I decided  to start the Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, programme Scenography in the HKU (The Netherlands).


During the Master I started an artistic research that focuses on the study of "encounters with the unknown", creating works that investigate how we see and perceive reality. These works explore the boundaries between film, live performance, installation art and scenography and use specific tools to create experiential compositions. They are experiential because they acknowledge, address, and seeks to activate the spectator though their physical senses, feelings and emotions. The spectators/participants are not only observers; they play an important and necessary role within the work, as the work depends on their presence.

Through these encounters I present situations where physical and virtual realities merge together. The virtual in this case doesn't only refer to the digital, but to a reality that exists in another realm; like time, memory, or even ghosts. In this sense, he aims to create moments in which our perception of reality is disrupted; using performative tools, media and space to propose realities where the magical, the quotidian, the visible and the invisible seem to merge together.