Edible Notebook

To help you keep your secrets

This notebook is made of an special paper that it's edible. It also includes 2 special markers in blue and black colours, that have also edible ink. In this way, the user is able to write any message, tear the page and eat it when he doesn't want that message to exist anymore.


It can be used by kids from school to share secrets and gossips between each other, it also work as a perfect medium to write your shopping list (once you got all the products, you can eat the list and get rid of the usual hunger you get while shopping) and also for "let off steam" writing about things you hate or you won't never tell anyone by then destroying all the anger by eating the note.

Project developed with

Mar Sanchez-Morate Palop,

Clara Hevia Aranguren &

Guillem Picazo Sanchis