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Site-specific performative intervention

Performative experience developed in the former Pieter Baan Centrum, a former psychiatric prison in Utrecht.

"It is only by confronting and facing our fears that we are able to escape and transcend our own limits."


Using video, sound, music, space and performance the work explores the inner process we experience while confronting our own mental prisons.

The spectator is given an iPad and is guided to a isolation cell, where remains alone. In the tablet they see a video that navigates through the empty building as a rambling presence seems to become present. As the experience progress the fine line between reality and fiction, the physical and the virtual becomes blurry.

Work presented as the graduation piece for the MA Scenography (HKU) in the former Pieter Baan Centrum in Utrecht.

Direction/Production: Pedro Sanca

Prisoner Performance: Yvonne Schaap