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Site-specific video-walk

"No person ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and they’re not the same person" (Heraclitus of Efesus)

(In)Sight is a site-specific performative work that invites the spectator to undertake a journey through the NSDM wharf in Amsterdam, guided by a video while they discover a different reality of the space. Factors like education, life experience, cultural background and personal circumstances shape the way that we perceive and understand the world around us. In this sense, we don’t see and experience the world as it is, but as a projection of who we are.


The journey explores the way we relate and experience our surroundings, while proposing a new frame, a new perspective through which we can look to a familiar, but yet unknown reality.

Produced for the Over Het IJ Festival 2019

Direction/Production: Pedro Sanca

Dramaturgy: Anastasia Barka

Video: Luay Albasha

Sound Design: Jose Venzal

Artistic Assistance: Tanja Becher and Jezi Tay

Special Thanks: Chih HuaBo MulderAriadne Sergoulopoulou and Bernat Colomer

Article of the work as seen on the magazine Metropolis M (Issue August - September 2019) by the art critic Jorne Vriens