Listen to the Walls

Documentation of the work

I have always had an special relation with old objects. I can not stop thinking about the previous lives they had and hidden stories behind them. This feeling usually gets really strong when I visit second hand stores. All the items displayed there have had previous lives and have belonged to someone else. All these objects were provably very meaningful and full of sentimental value to someone in the past, but somehow they end up there: displayed in an old scruffy store lost among other forgotten items. All the stories they have seen and experiences are lost. How did these objects ended up there? What happened to their owners? Was someone attached to them? What was their sentimental value? What is their story?


When I arrived to the Gelderlandfabriek building I started to see it as one of these forgotten objects. I was very interested in the story that happened between those walls. A story that feels present but we can not longer see. At this point I decided  that I wanted to use this project as a way to to bring back to life this forgotten story of the building by giving a voice to the walls, who are in fact the only remain witnesses of this forgotten story.


What you will see is a video documentation of what the audience could see after stepping inside the wooden box. To have a better experience (one more similar to the one experienced by the spectators) it is  recommend going into a dark space and wearing headphones.


If you are ready, I invite you to listen to the story of the walls .